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Post job advertisements: Job offers & work abroad on market-leading job-platform

Post job advertisements: Job offers & work abroad on market-leading job-platform

Find international jobs listed on – the dream-job employment hub

Since its launch in 2004, has been THE leading contact point for jobs and work abroad! Auslandsjob Recruiting Solutions GmbH can help companies like yours find suitable employees to fill their international vacancies – something at which we excel! Every day, thousands of potential applicants search for job offers like yours. So choose one of our attractive job advertisement packages, use active sourcing to select potential talent from thousands of job-seekers in our candidate pool, or exploit our vast portal network and social media reach to make suitable applicants aware of your company right now!

The travel bug drives cross-border recruitment

Many people dream of being able to spend time living and working abroad. Our cross-border job advertisements trigger this wanderlust, skilfully linking the charms of new countries and fresh cultural experiences with attractive job prospects.

Employer Branding

We consciously promote employer branding as a trend topic, enabling you to present your company and the benefits of your dream job in the best possible light. This automatically increases user engagement, delivering an optimal match between company and applicant.

More than 15 years experience

Last but not least, you also benefit from more than 15 years experience in foreign stays and jobs & working all over the world. On alone, we help more than a million people find their way abroad every year. Careers and foreign placements are simply part of our DNA – and both job seekers and your company benefit from our commitment!

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Throughout the 15 years – the leading platform for German-speaking jobs abroad – has been operational, we at Auslandsjob Recruiting Solutions GmbH working in collaboration with Auslandszeit GmbH have acquired unique experience in recruitment and applicant management with a focus on the international employment market. No other company can rival our specialist expertise, and our market position surely speaks for itself. That’s why can offer unique support to companies seeking suitable staff for foreign locations in Europe and overseas. Over the years, we have received extremely positive feedback on our recruiting expertise, especially in sectors such as tourism, hotels & hospitality and the entertainment & events industry, alongside companies in fields such as telemarketing, customer care and BPO (business process outsourcing). Our clients appreciate both the quality of applicants and the quantity of applications.

Why Let’s ask our partners!

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Megapraktikum Testimonial
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Our dream job ads at a glance

30-Day Job Ad (via individual Job Page and Job Listing)
Job Ad Teaser on Job Listing Page
Job Info Box
Individual Header Image
Application via Email
Facebook Job Post
SEO Package
Quality Check by our Job Experts
Company Logo
Click-Out Option (external Link to your Website’s Job Page)
External Link to your Website and Social Channels
Employer Branding Package
Destination Package
“Typical Day” Content Description
Image Gallery
Video Integration
Job Ad Teaser Integration on Homepage Teaser Carousel
Job Ad Highlight on Homepage as “TOP JOB”
Top Job Label
Price per Job Ad (VAT excluded)149,00 €299,00 €499,00 €
Discount for quarterly, semi-annual and annual Plan5% / 15% / 25%5% / 15% / 25%5% / 15% / 25%
Optionally bookable: Social Media Recruiting()()()
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Specialist “cross-border” Social Media Recruitment

Reach qualified applicants for jobs via social media recruitment

#Social Media Recruitment #Applicant Funnels #Candidate Journey #Employee Market: These buzzwords aptly describe the current challenges for employers, because most countries presently have a shortage of skilled workers in almost every industry. While hiring unskilled staff may be a stopgap solution, it can prove very costly over the longer term. Thanks to our strategic partnership with social recruiting experts, we can offer a solution to your acute personnel shortage: We use social recruiting to address potential staff considering a change of job, those who see their next career step as a job abroad.

We achieve this via carefully targeted recruiting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, your business gains visibility as an attractive employer, enabling you to address qualified specialists in particular – those not actively looking for a job. Working together, we can then target the most talented staff who are willing to change and would want to work abroad.

The highlights of this extra feature:

An applicant magnet for TOP staff, not just anyone who shows interest
Optimal visibility via targeted advertisements on Facebook & Instagram
A simple application employing smart processing, which includes a mini quiz
The perfect complement to a job ad that appeals to job seekers
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Our Media-Kit

You want all information in one PDF?

Convince yourself with our Media-Kit

Download here our Media-Kit
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Our USPs at a glance

Unique ‘Auslandszeit’ network
Auslandsjob Recruiting Solutions GmbH plays an active role in the unique Auslandszeit universe. We have a presence on many other websites addressing young, motivated people who would like to live and work abroad for a while. In this context, we cover topics like working abroad, opportunities after high school, and foreign-exchange experiences for those still studying.
Recruiting from Stage 0
We begin the candidate journey during the all-important “demand creation” phase, and then move forward from Stage 0. Our platforms are designed to direct your potential candidates specifically towards job advertisements on – thus broadening your applicant funnel! So those interested in going abroad will become aware of you as a potential employer well before any other employers can present themselves as an alternative. That gives you a head start over your rivals when it comes to finding your perfect match.
Germany’s high-visibility platform
You’ve probably noticed already: If you search online for terms like “Jobs in [country name]”, “Arbeiten in [country name]”, or similar terms relevant to your industry, target country, and/or area of business activity, you will encounter landing pages and/or other Auslandszeit platforms within our network on the first page of your search results, often in top position. No other job portal has such strong visibility in terms of sheer depth and seamless continuity.
Cross-border solutions rather than domestic jobs
We address the right people. Job searches on “normal” job boards are usually focused on the country in which the potential applicant is located. For you, the advantage of our platform is that offers no jobs in Germany, only “cross-border” opportunities. So your job advertisement will be displayed where 2,000 – 3,000 job seekers every day are looking for exactly what you offer: a JOB ABROAD!
Every job advertisement for your contract jobs published on receives additional visibility thanks to a posting on, probably the most suitable platform of all positions of this type.
Candidate pool
You can also benefit from the thousands of interested parties listed in our candidate database. Over the years we have built up an enormous platform membership through services such as our guide on “How to Secure a Job Abroad”. So, depending on the job package you choose, your job could potentially be presented to this vast audience, too.
Social media outreach
Our Facebook page “Work and Travel & Jobs im Ausland” reaches a large number of potential applicants with over 12,000 likes. Elsewhere, the Facebook group “Jobs & Arbeiten im Ausland”, which we also moderate, now has more than 10,000 members! Depending on which ad variant you choose, your job vacancy can also be posted here and get additional visibility on our Instagram channels.
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  3. Based on your input, our team of experts will handle the finishing touches. You will then receive a draft of your ad.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the result, your job offer will go live.

Let’s go! Your first step to your job ad

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Do you have more questions?

Then we would be very happy to help!

At and Auslandsjob Recruiting Solutions GmbH we are ready to work alongside you to deliver successful cross-border recruitment! Would you like to position yourself as an attractive employer on our portal which deploys strong advertising and target group affinity to find the right candidates to match your vacancies? We would be happy to talk with you, discuss your requests, and answer any questions you may have.

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